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About Us

Walter’s Roofing is a family-owned and –operated roofing company founded way back in 1955. We primarily cater to business owners in Cleveland, OH and the surrounding areas who need professional roofing repair and installation services.

We have created a large number of clients over the 66 years with very minimal advertisement, 95% of our potential leads come from referrals of satisfied customers. Walters Roofing is truly front-runners when it comes to saving their clients and potential client’s a great deal of money.


Back when the company was started there was virtually no roofing companies giving people any other options rather than roof removal or recovery? So Walter decided to create maintenance plans using various coatings and repair techniques that saved old roofs. This was an economical and simple way of adding “EXTRA” life and protection to built-up asphalt roofs and modified bitumen applications. With this formula Walter was able to give comprehensive warranty’s protection on such roofs that were deemed un-warrantable. We became the front-runners in the industry when it came to saving roofs.

Meet the Owner: Nick Evanovich

Our owner Nick Evanovich has been involved in the roofing industry since he was just 10 years old. It was around this time when his father founded Walter’s Roofing.

The company was able to succeed thanks to the passion and commitment of Nick, his father, and brothers. They all loved what they did. In fact, Nick, in particular, had a strong sense of passion for helping people. So much to the point that he disliked large roofing companies, because they were always out for the “BIG BUCK” even if the customer really didn’t need a new roof they would say it was needed anyway.

This passion is also one of the things that pushed Nick to further improve the business. He made sure to provide clients with nothing less than durable, high-quality solutions built to last. Plus, he always stands behind the product and installation. Walter’s Roofing is 100% honest and transparent when providing inspection reports. They’ll even be the ones to tell you whether the roofing repair or installation service you’re eyeing is necessary. We’ll never risk the company’s integrity to make a few quick bucks.

The Rich History behind Walter’s Roofing

Nick’s father was a first-generation resident in the United States. He moved here more than six decades ago. As an immigrant, he knew how tough it was to live in the country with nothing but the shirt on one’s back. He had nothing. That’s why it was his goal to build a company that his sons could someday rely on and call their own.

Our Mission

Walter’s roofing has been in business for more than 60 years now. We were able to grow from a small, family-owned startup to one of the most recognized roofing companies in the area — and it’s all thanks to our commitment to quality. We believe that integrity and quality are the keys to success in the roofing industry. Our goal was, is, and will always be to sell high-quality roofing products and services customized to conform to our clients’ specific needs.

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