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Professional, High-Quality Roof Installation Solutions Available to Commercial Clients from and Around Cleveland, OH

For a durable, high-grade roof to protect your establishment for the coming decades, trust none other than Walter’s Roofing! We are skilled professionals that have been providing roof installation services to clients in Cleveland, OH and surround areas for more than 60 years now. What has allowed us to gain clients’ trust and respect is our versatility, we offer an array of services such as:

  • A line of cold process roof restaurants
  • UV protective and energy-efficient aluminum roof coating coatings
  • Single ply membranes

   Modified heat welded products

   TPO membrane (thermo plastic olefinic)

   EPDM synthetic membrane (ethylene propylene diene monomer)

  • Metal roof reconditioning.
  • Snow removal
  • Roof inspections

Signs You May Need to Consider Getting a Roof Replacement

How do you check if you need a new roofing? Believe it or not roofs can actually run their course without any roof leaks or major concerns, but that doesn’t mean that your roof doesn’t need to be maintained. Depending on the currant roof system you might have signs that will vary telling whether a new roof is required or should be considered.

Just looking at the roof’s exterior can give a great deal of information to the contractor or building owner.


Parapet walls and expansion: A parapet is basically be the portion of an exterior wall that continues above the surface of the roof membrane. Their weaknesses are lap joints, cracks and breaks that can occur during time and cause damage to the building structure.

Asphalt Roof surface: This type of Roof surface can become dry which causes deterioration of membranes or coatings. Splits, cracks and delaminated laps can arise. Old coatings and old membranes plies can become worn and heated from hot weather conditions thus creating roof blistering.

Modified roof surface: Are susceptible to degradation by ultraviolet light creating random linear cracking. Overlapping field and parapet joints can come un-adhered during long periods of time. Lap failure allows water to penetrate membrane.

TPO surface membrane: Shrinking, and drying create “tenting”. Open lap seams to parapet walls and curbing’s. TPO surface can deteriorate are ware from its original factory mills of “0.45 – 0”60”. Hand welded areas and patches may be susceptible to lap openings allowing water to penetrate.

EPDM membrane: This material can become dry over time creating holes and tears in membrane, due to dryness tenting may occur along flashings and parapets. EPDM membranes can become dis-attached from sub-straight material.

Metal roof: Galvanized coating can ware over time allowing panels to rust. Rubber washers around fasteners can become brittle.

No roof is totally impervious to moisture penetration, the minute a surface crack appears there in an invitation for moisture penetration.

If you’re still unsure whether you need a new roof system or just to maintain your current roof, call us. Our contractors can accurately inspect the condition of your roof.

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